Friday, November 27, 2009

Amy Jo Johnson on "Wildfire" - 6 (2006)

Amy Jo Johnson (Kimberly, MMPR) reprised her role as Tina Sharp in the thirteenth episode of "Wildfire's" second season. Hired away from the Ritters by the Davis family, the fiery jockey Tina is ready for her next race against her rival Kris Furillo. Johnson makes a relatively brief appearance, as Tina is present only for the racing scenes. She briefly interacts with her boss Danielle Davis and Gillian Parsons. Tina remarks that all three of them have been romantically involved with Matt Ritter, which seems to upset Gillian, Matt's current love interest. This was the finale of "Wildfire's" second season. The winner of the race is left as a cliffhanger. Johnson bookends Season 2 of "Wildfire" with her appearances. She guest stars in the first and last episodes of the season.

Season 2 of "Wildfire" is available on DVD

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