Friday, November 27, 2009

Ron Roggé on "CSI: Miami" - 2 (2009)

Ron Roggé (Captain Mitchell, Lightspeed) made his second appearance this season on "CSI: Miami" in the episode "Point of Impact." The episode has the CSI crew investigating a fatal car crash. When they discover that a passing jogger was actually the driver of the second vehicle (who fled the crime scene) they take him into the police station for questioning. Roggé's unnamed police officer is on-duty when the jogger collapses in a cell. Roggé calls CSI's Jesse Cardoza (played by Eddie Cibrian) who is nearby with the man's sister. Cardoza notices the man not breathing and tells the officer to go for help. Roggé is the officer who goes for assistance. While he appears on screen for only a few seconds, he has several lines. Roggé's first appearance as a Miami police officer came earlier this season in the episode "Hostile Takeover," which is the episode where Cardoza joined the CSI team.

Season 8 of "CSI: Miami" currently airs on CBS

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