Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Jamie Croft on "Farscape" (2002)

"Farscape" chronicles the adventures of astronaut John Crichton (series star Ben Browder) who finds himself stranded in another galaxy, where he teams up with a crew of aliens aboard a living spaceship in an effort to find his way home. The Season 4 episode "Kansas," finds John accomplishing his dream. A rift in space deposits him and his crew back on Earth, but not in the present. It's the 80's and John is still a teenager, who has discovered his father has been assigned to join the crew of the shuttlecraft Challenger, which would later explode upon take-off. Seeing history has changed, John sets out to make things right, with the help of his alien friends. Thankfully, it's Halloween so they all blend in just fine. Playing John as a teenager is Jamie Croft (Fred Kelman, MMPR: The Movie). Croft appears throughout the episode as the rebellious young John turns on his family and has a terrible relationship with his father. When he meets the opportunistic alien Chiana, he finds himself a pawn in John's attempt to restore history and save his father's life.

Season 4 of "Farscape" is available on DVD

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