Monday, December 12, 2011

Brad Hawkins on "The Good Guys" (2010)

Brad Hawkins (voice of Trey/Gold Ranger, Zeo) made a brief appearance on the short-lived FOX comedy series, "The Good Guys," during the show's final broadcast episode. The series followed an mismatched duo of detectives, the straight-laced Jack (played by Colin Hanks) and the veteran loose cannon Stark (played by Bradley Whitford). The appropriately-titled twentieth episode "Partners," finds both Jack & Stark reunited with their former partners. Stark's old partner, Savage, returns to town for a special screening of a television movie that was made chronicling a major case that was solved by Stark & Savage twenty years before. The two attend the screening, unaware that the audience in attendance believes it to be a comedy, leading to many laughs at their expense. Brad Hawkins plays actor, Nick Ferrell, who portrays Stark in the movie. Hawkins appears in a few scenes of the episode on film during a pivotal scene.

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