Friday, January 9, 2009

Blake Foster in "Danielle Steel's Family Album" (1994)

Blake Foster (Justin, Turbo) played a supporting role in the 2-part television movie "Family Album," based on Danielle Steel's novel about a celebrated female actress named Faye Thayer and the complications surrounding her life after she marries and starts a family, leading to both love and strife. Foster appears in the first part of the T.V. movie playing Faye's oldest child, Lionel during his childhood years. He appears throughout the first block of the film, as Lionel witnesses his family's fall from riches, his parents break-up and their later reunion. Foster can be seen in photographs shown at the beginning of the second part of the movie. It's revealed later that some of the photos seen in the album were taken by Lionel. As an adult, Lionel is played by Joe Flanigan, the star of Stargate: Atlantis. Flanigan appeared alongside PR alum Emma Lahana on that series.

"Danielle Steel's Family Album" is available on DVD

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