Monday, July 27, 2009

Matt Austin in "Will" (2003) - Short Film

Former SPD Ranger, Matt Austin (Bridge, SPD) appeared in the 2003 short film "Will," written by Ed McNamara and directed by James Blokland. Austin stars as Bobby, a rich teenager who is faced with a dilemma. His deceased father's will stipulates that in order to get his inheritance he must lose his virginity to a 45-year old prostitute. The woman, Brenda, comes to see Bobby and they discuss his father, Bobby's disgust at her profession and the way Bobby intends to live his life. Will he be controlled by his father or take hold of his own destiny? The film leaves the question unanswered and allows the viewer to make their own interpretation. Austin appears on-screen for the entire 5 minute short film, along with his co-star Leslie Ann Coles.

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