Sunday, October 11, 2009

Cerina Vincent on "Ally McBeal" (2002)

Former Yellow Ranger Cerina Vincent (Maya, Lost Galaxy) made a very brief appearance on the hit comedy "Ally McBeal," during the show's fifth and final season. In the episode "Another One Bites the Dust," Vincent appeared at the doorstep of leading lawyer Ally McBeal, with a special delivery for Ally's boyfriend Victor Morrison, just as the couple is breaking apart. Vincent hands over a letter to Victor, informing him that it's a summons and that he's being sued. She praises her "service with a smile" and departs, leaving the couple with more problems. Although her character is never addressed by name, she appears in the credits as Penny. Although her appearance was a mere cameo, Vincent shares screentime with series star Calista Flockhart and guest star Jon Bon Jovi.

Season 5 of "Ally McBeal" is available on DVD

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