Sunday, October 11, 2009

Jordan Belfi on "Moonlight" (2007)

Time Force guest star Jordan Belfi (Walter Brown, Time Force) began a recurring stint on the short-lived vampire drama "Moonlight" in the series' second episode titled "Out of the Past." The series follows the exploits of a police detective who is actually a vampire. Still alive in the present, Mick St. John is keeping a low profile despite his success as a detective in the past. In the show's second episode his biggest secret is in danger of being revealed when a convicted killer from his old police days is released from prison. Mick once tried to kill the man, showing his fangs in the process. Now, his vampire identity is threatened to be revealed. Jordan Belfi appears as lawyer Josh Lindsey, the boyfriend of Mick's friend Beth Turner who is a reporter whom he seems to cross paths with on a daily basis. Josh of course is instantly wary of Mick and his friendship with Beth but when the killer takes a hostage, Josh, Beth & Mick must work together to save the young woman.

Season 1 of "Moonlight" is available on DVD

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