Sunday, November 1, 2009

T.J. Roberts in "Magic Kid 2" (1994)

Former Masked Rider T.J. Roberts (Prince Dex, MMPR) put his martial arts to work in the 1994 sequel to his film "Magic Kid." Roberts plays Kevin, a young martial artist who comes to his uncle's aide and ends up gaining stardom as an action star known as Ninja Boy. "Magic Kid 2" finds Kevin struggling under the pressure of being a star, while his gambling uncle (who is also his agent) ignores his unhappiness. When Kevin decides he'd rather go to school and be a normal kid, his slave-driving producer has other plans and puts the pressure on his uncle to keep Kevin working. After his encouraging tutor is fired, Kevin runs away to stay with her and her family, finding love with her teenage daughter. Worried and unable to find Kevin, his uncle changes his ways and the two are reunited. They turn against the greedy producer and fight off his attempt to kill Ninja Boy on camera.

"Magic Kid 2" is available on DVD

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Dona Trinity said...

I can't even know how to thank you properly.

I've been looking for images of Ted Jan Roberts' movies for so long... gosh, they are so hard to find. I just loved his Martial Arts moves. In my opinion, T.J. Roberts was the true Karate Kid, not Ralph Macchio.

I still am a big fan of TJ, and I wish I could see him in another movies.

So THANK YOU SO MUCH for bring me some good childhood memories back!!!

Cheers! ^_^/