Monday, September 21, 2009

Keith Robinson in "Frozen Impact" (2003)

Keith Robinson (Joel, Lightspeed) plays a supporting role in the disaster drama "Frozen Impact." The film centers around the Blanchard family who's complicated life is turned upside down by a freak hailstorm, which rains down tennis ball-sized hail on their town, destroying things in its wake. Dr. Blanchard and her paramedic husband Dan are caring for their ill son who needs a liver transplant. The organ is en route when the storm strikes, causing the plane to crash. Dan makes it to the wreckage and salvages the liver. Robinson appears as an unnamed camera man who is filming news footage with a reporter when the storm strikes. He is sent to the hospital to have his injuries treated and meets Dr. Blanchard. When she learns that the liver specialist can't make the trip from the city to perform her son's surgery, she enlists Robinson's help. He sets up his camera in the operating room so that she can be coached through the surgery while the specialist observes through the camera. Robinson appears in several pivotal scenes of the film, despite his character having no name.

"Frozen Impact" is available on DVD

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