Saturday, October 24, 2009

Brad Hawkins on "Prison Break" - 2 (2006)

Brad Hawkins (voice of Trey/Gold Ranger, Zeo) made his first appearances on "Prison Break" during the show's second season. Credited as 'Tough Guy #2' Hawkins' character is hired by Aldo Burrows, the father of main character Lincoln Burrows (played by Dominic Purcell) to help secure Lincoln and his son who are on the run after escaping prison. The duo is brought to an empty mansion where they are reunited with Lincoln's father, whom Lincoln doesn't trust at all. He tries to flee with his son but they are cut off by Hawkins. This occurs in the appropriately-titled episode "Rendezvous." In the following episode "Bolshoi Booze," Hawkins' character is on guard on the front porch of the mansion when one of his comrades arrives with orders to kill the Burrows men at any cost. Hawkins' character is the first obstacle and he is promptly shot dead. The screencaps below come from both episodes where Hawkins appeared only briefly. Hawkins would later appear on the series as a police officer. That appearance was previously posted here on the blog.

Season 2 of "Prison Break" is available on DVD

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